Early Discovery of Feed and Water

The sooner hatchlings discover and start consuming feed and water at placement, the quicker their digestive and immune systems will develop and provide a foundation for strong growth.

The key metrics for poultry producers for early performance–7-day mortality, body weight, gut development, disease resistance, overall livability–are positively impacted by proper hydration and nutrition provided by early access to feed and water.

Delivered Ready-to-Use

AquaBeads® are delivered in a 34 lb pail with a small amount of brine to keep the beads moist. Once the brine is drained following a very simple procedure, AquaBeads® are ready for use. Here's a video outlining the process of draining and applying AquaBeads®:

Recommended Dosage

• Apply as a feed top-dressing at a rate of 1-2 grams/hatchling/day at the time of placement.
• Applications may range from 1-3 days depending on hatchling and environmental conditions