Administering analgesics is necessary to managing pain in laboratory animals, ensuring that the ethical support of animal health and welfare is at the forefront of research protocols. But are injections the best method for delivering analgesics to lab animals for minor and major trauma?

For an assessment of current pain management practices for lab animals and a thorough discussion of alternatives that can improve animal health and welfare with trial efficiency, download the guide, Improving Pain Management Techniques for Better Laboratory Animal Welfare & Research Outcomes. You will learn more about: 

  • The results of a survey conducted among AALAS members regarding pain management practices
  • How to combine gel supplements and analgesic injections as a multimodal approach to pain management
  • How to guarantee proper dosage and maintain compliance with flavor-enhanced dietary gel supplements

Are you looking to improve animal welfare, labor efficiency, and compliance with IACUC best practices while prioritizing animal recovery and research objectives? Get your copy of the guide by filling out the form on this page.