Many veterinarians around the world use gel technology as part of an effective hydration solution for the animals in their care. In fact, gel has been used to provide essential hydration while shipping over 100 million research animals, making it the #1 choice of breeders worldwide.

You may be surprised to discover that in addition to being a cost-efficient hydration solution, gel technology is also an effective delivery mechanism for nutrition and medication.

When you download the guide, What Veterinarians Need to Know About Gel Technology, you will gain a more thorough understanding of gel technology and how it helps veterinarians in research and poultry agriculture contexts improve animal health and welfare through optimal hydration, nutrition, and medication delivery.

ClearH2O’s gel products are designed to improve health and performance while maximizing efficiency in a labor-effective, animal-friendly, convenient format. Product benefits include:

  • Optimized delivery
  • Increased consumption
  • Improved dosage
  • Better supplementation

Are you a veterinarian looking to improve quality of life for the animals in your care while improving productivity? Get your guide by filling out the form on this page.