For guidance on best practices for breeding rodents, along with how to mitigate these common challenges and improve survival rates and pup health, download the guide, Best Practices for Rodent Colony Planning, Breeding Support, and Pup Health.

When you download the guide, you will learn more about:

  • Results from the survey of AALAS members, “Breeding Support and Pup Health”
  • How to set up the ideal environment conducive for successful breeding
  • Which breeding scheme is right for your desired outcome
  • How to mitigate and address common issues such as poor mating, small litters, fighting, cannibalism, weanling weight, and pup mortality
  • How to increase pup survival rates and health with enrichment and nutrition supplements

Are you are looking to improve your breeding process and pup survival rates? Get your copy of the guide by filling out the form on this page.