Working with leading research institutions to develop specialized hydration, nutrition, and medication delivery products, ClearH2O can manufacture custom formulations tailored to the requirements of your research protocol.

Putting productivity and animal welfare at the forefront, ClearH2O’s ready-to-use gel technology allows you to focus on the research at hand while effectively providing the hydration, nutrition, and medication your animals require.

ClearH2O’s food science and nutrition expertise—combined with extensive nutrient ingredient sourcing relationships—ensures your custom formulation is of the highest quality, using the most bioavailable nutritional supplements.

We invite you to book a consultation with our expert team to discover custom gel formulations for:

  • Hydration: ClearH2O is the #1 choice of breeders worldwide for hydrating research animals
  • Dietary supplements: Adhering to the highest quality in the industry—equivalent to human food standards
  • Medication delivery: Reduce animal stress and handling with ready-to-use gel technology

Does your research protocol require specific amounts or types of nutrients or medication on a recurring basis? Learn more about how you can effectively improve animal health and optimize your research by using ClearH2O’s custom gel formulations. Book your consultation now by filling out the form on this page.